Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Description from the back of Duck Butts: Seasons With God

John was once described by a friend as a man who looked like he had a party going on in his head all the time. In Duck Butts: Seasons With God he invites you to that party. In this, his first collection of writings, he shares his somewhat askew humor with short essays like If I Were the Pope. He takes us on an imaginative flight in Astronaut, and then brings us soberly back home with Walking For Groceries. Within these pages you'll also find experiments in poetry and a few song lyrics, some of which have forgotten melodies and have come to stand as statements that punctuate a journey of faith and grace. This book can be read straight through but also allows the reader to go slow and experience the change of seasons.

John's ability to paint word pictures is captured in this excerpt: "And if Pera is having difficulty today relating to those around her what does it matter? Distracted Pera, the birds in her thoughts raise their carols declaring their Maker's praise. Quietly engaged in the scene about her yet apart in their songs, she drifts on an ocean of green that stretches across the valley floor. The mountains and hills roll in like breakers, slow as glaciers. Her silent praises go out with joy. The Comforter, her Comforter, walks in this orchard. He sings, the few remaining birds hush recognizing the melody He gave them. Hearts ring and He tarries a moment, and all the trees of the field clapped their hands." ~from Aequus Nox

John's voice can be irreverent, silly, and painfully honest but always returns to grace--as all seasons with God do.

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